20 October 2009

i'm into you

i love the times when we're close
love the times when you're text me
love the times when we're on the phone
love the times when we're share each other
love the times when you see me from my class's window
love the time when you gave me 'a paint'
i love
the time when i wrote this...

and i think my feel is flying into you


11 October 2009

what it called? school

lets talk about tomorrow, ..Mr.Siswo talked to me, he wants me to join Paskibra's meeting in "kecamatan" (idk what it called). actually i don't enjoy the plan because i still have my last test on Monday. but he wants me very much -.- so what should i do? i will.

maybe I'll go there with my other friends, Rahayu Ayub Abi Nicho Nia and Me. we will go there by car, idk who's car. but i didn't get my mood anymore even my other friends say "it gonna be fun Mel, you do the test on the next day and you will have a good score" i don't think so. huuh

however, i think tomorrow will be a tired day, meeting? ah i hate do it. and on the evening i have an English extra class at LIA and that's my first day. what the hell with that huh?! i need to buy a new shoes but mommy didn't give me the money huh poor me -,- when i get it mom?

for mid test, so far so good except INDONESIAN, guess how i got in Indonesian? 5.6!!! kick my ass man, i knew I'm not a good Indonesian people, trust me. for another subjects i got some good scores.

well, what about tomorrow? can i skip the school? big no!, zz. i'll do it okay i'll do it. thanks Mr.Siswo who choose me. BIG thanks! *you know what i mean kan? -____-


10 October 2009

I'll back soon

I-MISS-YOU!a lottalot stories in my mind that i wanna share with you THE SHOW, oh damn unfortunately i didn't have enough time to share its. many happen in my world and surely sure it makes me guess that I'm growing up growing up! wohoo~~ don't blame me -.- and hey, i miss do blogging and read them again and again huhu. i'm a senor high school girl and everyone knows what it means yap what else? schoolshitstuffs

I'll post sooner or later if i have more mood to write them down and pity me i must go now. see ya