25 April 2010

Colouring the world

after several months i left my looklet. now, i updating again, thanks for my dearest viewer for gave me some hearts. i love fahion even i'm not into it. just enjoying my looklet~~ i've been learning for one look to another, sorry if it kinda hurts your eyes HAHA :D, here we go...

my favorite one

23 April 2010

Never look to the past, except You look it for learn

22 April 2010

The Love will come soon

I just can't wait for this thing

Love Earth shopper bag from Diana Rikasari.

She said she'll send its all today. hope i'll receive it by my self


20 April 2010

great tuesDay

I had a great TuesDay! with @ikabrianti, let me tell you...

like an usual tuesDay, we went to school and finished it around 2pm. I decided to went home, but Ika told me, she wanted to buy a book for her remedial TIK then i joined her went to BintaroPlaza.

Arrived at BP and still used uniform we entered gramedia. First, the book which ika searched wasn't available, so i told her "Just buy other books, about Robotic ", then ika bought 2books of Computer. And after that, we had our lunch at Nigiri Sushi. Its new at BP, and we decided to try it. we ordered "Crispy Roll Sushi " and "Crab Sushi " and also "2 Green Tea Ice". YOU MUST KNOW!!! a waitress came to us and brought a plate of sushi then said

W: "Crispy Roll Sushi....special for you"
Me: "Ho?!! special...?"
Ika: "HAHAHAHA there's a love sign amel!!! on the plate and it made by sauce"
Me and Ika:" LOL" wkwkwkwkwkw

hahahahha Ika thinks that the Chef fall in love with me, wth! hahah. after finished our lunch, me and Ika went to J.Co to had our fav FroYo.....what else? J.COOL!!! with strawberry,choco Cuvier and Oreo as toppings. something weird happen again., the J.COOL was too big and too much for Couple size.

Me:" Ka, Did you think, it's too much and too big for us? i ordered the couple size..but..."

WAKAKAKAKAKAKAKKAK that's really funny if you know the true story. how can it happen, in the same day. ahhahah lucky us! we did chat and did some jokes then time showed around 4pm and we went home.

What a fun day! with my best friend, too bad I don't bring my phone, so i don't have any picture of these LOL things. hahah, and How yours? share with me ya.


14 April 2010

I Love EARTH by using that BAG

God, i really happy, i'll receive a gift from my super blogger fashion idol @dianarikasari. she promised to 100 people who send her an email for "LOVE EARTH" will have one of 100 shopper bags made by her. and you now what?! i'm the one. I can't imagine that. I tried to sent her an email, but yeah i knew more than 100people will do the same thing like me. but fortunately God helps me to get that bag, my name is on the list . check this out! maybe your name is on the list too.

click for the image or visit the web to see


thanks diana. i promise i'll love earth as i love my self :)


11 April 2010

WOOF!! i'm back

i know i such a bad blogger ya, so long i had left you. now i promise to make you "awake" again . sorry my reader. i miss you, seriously

first of all, i dunno what i supposed to write. to much stories i want to share but unfortunately my fingers couldn't type too much. second of all I'll try so hard to fill this bad blog, even no one will read my &*G&U%$@96) stories i still need to share, i still need thing to talk with.

my brain work so hard for school exam,it will be held on 31 Mei. and I'm still stuck with my brainless, anyone help me please. and with full of my heart i really appreciate if you can touch me here . i often updateand talk there, follow me guys :3

last, i hope you comment here or fill my chat box , bcoz all my blog address has been cleared. I'll add your blog peops!