23 May 2010


when the world start irritates
you, there's nothing irritates them more than to keep smiling.. be a



17 May 2010


Malam ini, everything goes normal, sampe gue merasa bosen dan chat sm Yaser dan dia off, terus gue ngupdate beberapa status untuk twitter gue as usual. dan entah kenapa tiba-tiba gue nyapa Galih di msn, berawal dari bosen sampe ....

@amaliamell says:
halo galih
Harwood Knight says:
napa mel
@amaliamell says:
apa kbr?
Harwood Knight says:
baik baik aja
lo gimana
@amaliamell says:
so far so gut
Harwood Knight says:
g update blog lo
@amaliamell says:
buat apa?
Harwood Knight says:
kirain aja lo mo ngupdate gitu
@amaliamell says:
ho kaya ada yg baca aja -_-
Harwood Knight says:
yah at least ada gw yg baca :)
@amaliamell says:
wah terimakasih
gue suka jg baca blog lo gal
dan gue rasa atoi mungkin salah nih ya
cara nulis lo setipe dengan buku-buku radityadika
Harwood Knight says:
hah iya gitu
@amaliamell says:
i guess
Harwood Knight says:
maksud lo gw mirip kambing ato mirip si radith
@amaliamell says:
tp oke kok gal, happy to read it
Harwood Knight says:
thanks a lot
@amaliamell says:
oke boss
eh masih ga kepikiran lo sm *****
how can? !
Harwood Knight says:
well dunno
i'm still confused
@amaliamell says:
love is always about confused gal
maaf bukan ngungkit nih.. dulu lu kan..ya you know overloving ke *****
Harwood Knight says:
love huh
she is hard to forget huh
Harwood Knight says:
lo masih terikat ama seseorang
@amaliamell says:
gak but ya.......... sekasus sm lo gal
Harwood Knight says:
someone i know
@amaliamell says:
not really
ya oke you knew -___--
Harwood Knight says:
kita sama y
@amaliamell says:
sama gal
banget deh
beda nya lo udah move on
me? stuck
Harwood Knight says:
hmm move on
Harwood Knight says:
gw g move on mel
kasusnya kaya lo masukin barang ke koper yg udah penuh
tetep aja nyembul
Harwood Knight says:
gw g terlalu beda ama lo
@amaliamell says:
tp gimana kalo orang yg kita sayang.. sudah pindah sayang nya dan seolah-olah membenci kita
ya hampir sm banget malah sm lo
sm banget gaaaaaaaal
Harwood Knight says:
tapi gw lebih suka g ngelupain
sama kaya PM gw ini
@amaliamell says:
iya gue juga keep him as a sweet memory
gue bersyukur gue bisa kenal dia
walo ya cuman sebentar
bisa sayang di bisa di sayang ya walo sekrng gak
tp gue gamau lupa. gimanapun dia berperan bnyak
Harwood Knight says:
@amaliamell says:
May 14?
Harwood Knight says:
bahkan walaupun dia g berperan banyak
Harwood Knight says:
jalanin dulu hidup lo
kita punya cara sendiri
dan cerita sendiri
@amaliamell says:
dan masalh sendiri
cara nya supaya kita ikhlas gimana ya? hm kita? gue maksudnya
Harwood Knight says:
coba jangan terlalu berharap
dan merasa kalo itu semua cukup
@amaliamell says:
bersyukur adalah hal terbaik saat merasa iri
iya i'll try
Harwood Knight says:
i'll pray for you
Harwood Knight says:
gw mo update blog dulu
@amaliamell says:
wah tentang apa bos?
Harwood Knight says:
puisi g jelas
Harwood Knight says:
tuh udah selesai
Harwood Knight says:
oh kalo itu harus dipahami sendiri
g seru kalo dikasih tau
@amaliamell says:
kayaknya saya paham

Kalian orang-orang yg terpilih
Yang menorehkan tulisan
Dengan bentuk-bentuk yg indah
Dan yang sulit untuk dimengerti

Dan kalian telah menjadi sejarah

itu yg paling gue paham


15 May 2010

Overloving is killing

Well, to begin i don't know what to write here. i always can't write what i was feel with the right words. so sorry if there, something will hurt your eyes. Lets begin..

The pixies sent me a card
dropped it around my heart
the radio played our song
and i feel better now

If possible to write down your name
in those stars tonight
If possible to give you a thousand hug
I'll do to make you're stay

A thousand miracles can't replace you
A million lighting bug flying beside you
Your smile, your hug, your kisses
I keep them as a sweet memory

You're the drug which I addicted to
You're the oxygen which gives me a life
Oh dear, believe in me...
I'll stay tonight to waiting for you

I made it for TUC this is the original one and i edited for lyric. hope TUC will like it. and it truly from my deepest heart.

To you..
Stop show off! you was successfully got me on fire. and yeah! Do you think you're the winner? not at all. keep fighting!


08 May 2010

Nebula Orion

The galaxy will show you how to make this world loves you

06 May 2010

I would use my last breath to say I LOVE YOU

Dear You,

5Mei2010 my friend whom has six sense prediction by looked at my hand, then she said "someone missing you, from the past and he wants to hold your hand" bytheway, she usually accurate and i definitely shocked when i heard that, and the initial person same as i hoped. Suddenly i felt something which really deep, something that made me back to the past. Ya and i knew i miss you, until now.

When i was home. i checked my facebook and really really want to just say "hei" on your wall, then the feel comes again.... i couldn't. I often check your photo, your wall to wall. it becomes habit for me. I just need you. oke just send me "Hei, or Hello" on my wall if you won't text me. please dear.

One day, i prepared to sleep then i checked my cellphone for one more time hopefully there was a message from you. day by day I always do that. and now it almost a year since i never met you again.

Thanks to God who sent you for me even just a moment I had a great and lovely time with you and thanks God i can't forget him and keep him as a sweet memory i ever had. Thanks God for made he loved me even just a time . Thanks God i'm still stand up right now and show to the world that i never ever hate him, last but not least Thanks God for gives me a love to loved him.

:) I desperately miss you dear....


01 May 2010


Happy saturday peops.

today is 1st day of Mei so "Selamat Hari Buruh" jgn buat jalan di senayan macet dong pak-bu buruh -_-

and what a goodnews! i received my LOVE EARTH BAG from her. like what i've posted in my blog before. Thanks kak D! :)

and what about your day folks?! talktome in @amaliamell ok caio~